Top 5 Myths of Chiropractic

Written By Kabel Chiropractic on November 8, 2019

Chiropractic care Chiropractic care dates to 1895, there is still plenty of misinformation circulating about the practice. Unfortunately, wrong facts can prevent people from getting treatment that could help them relieve pain and achieve a higher level of wellness overall.

Here are five common myths about chiropractic and the facts about the treatment.

1. Chiropractic is Painful

Chiropractors are mistakenly called “bone crushers,” which does not accurately describe the nature of the treatment. Adjustments or subluxations are a key component to chiropractic care. The gentle, manual manipulation has been proven to realign the spine, releasing compression on surrounding nerves to relieve pain.

2. Chiropractic is Expensive

Chiropractic care is typically less costly than visits with a medical doctor and treatments are often covered by insurance. In addition, people that seek chiropractic care often take less medication and enjoy a higher level of wellness overall that may reduce health care costs in the long run.

3. Chiropractors are not Real Doctors

Chiropractors must have a Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine (DC) in order to practice. After earning an undergraduate degree, chiropractors have four to five years of additional studies to earn their graduate degree. While the education is different, it is just as extensive as the training medical doctors receive.

4. Chiropractic Care Never Ends

While some patients may seek ongoing treatment to maintain optimal wellness, it is not a requirement for every patient. A chiropractor should never pressure you into repeat treatments if you don’t want them or feel you need them.

5. Chiropractic is Only for Adults in Pain

While chiropractic is beneficial for adults, many chiropractors also treat children and even infants with the same level of safety and success. Chiropractic can treat everything from colic to scoliosis in young patients.

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