5 Tips for Relieving Computer-Related Neck Pain

Written By Kabel Chiropractic on October 9, 2019

Man with neck painIf you are one of the millions of people that struggle with neck tension and pain from your job, the good news is you can take steps to reduce the discomfort. Here’s a five-point checklist focuses on proper sitting posture to improve your comfort level and quality of life.

1. Check Your Posture

When you are at your desk, make sure you are sitting fully in your chair with your lower back touching the chair back to keep you sitting straight. Limit time in your chair to 30 minutes at a time and then take a short walk or switch to a standing position for a bit.

2. Check Your Desk Setup

Computer ergonomics begin with the right desk setup. The height of your desk should allow you to work at your keyboard without hunching your shoulders. Choose an ergonomic chair with armrests that let your arms rest comfortably as well.

3. Check Your Monitor Height

You can’t maintain proper sitting posture if you are hunched over your computer monitor all day. Set your monitor at eye level to keep you sitting upright while you work. Make sure the font is large enough to see without leaning toward your screen.

4. Check Your Stress Level

Stress frequently settles into the shoulders and neck, creating tension and pain that even proper computer posture might not alleviate. Find ways to manage the demands of your work through meditation, deep breathing exercises or gentle stretching.

5. Check Out Chiropractic Care

When you can’t manage neck pain through proper sitting posture alone, chiropractic care may provide the relief you need. Through gentle adjustments designed to align the spine, you can reduce neck pain and tension over the long-term.

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