Reduce Muscle Spasms with Chiropractic Treatment

Written By Kabel Chiropractic on August 10, 2018

A muscle spasm, or an involuntary movement when muscle fiber contracts, can be uncomfortable, but they can also lead to greater pain.

If the muscle spasm persists, it can turn into a muscle cramp that results in constant soreness. If the muscle spasm is caused by a pinched nerve, you may develop neck or back pain.

Luckily, surgery is rarely needed to treat muscle spasms caused by pinched nerves. However, there is no need to live with this constant pain, either. Many non-invasive treatment options, like chiropractic care, provide relief from muscle spasm pain and prevent future injury.

What Causes a Muscle Spasm?

Muscle spasms are caused by an increase in pressure or can be the result of another disease like arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome.

Blockage in the peripheral nerve, or nerve outside of the brain and spinal cord, is also a common cause. When the nerve is pinched, usually due to injury to the neck and back, the muscle fibers stop working. This results in quick and sometimes constant muscle spasms. 

The symptoms associated with these muscle spasms include a stabbing, tingling, or prickling feeling that can lead to pain and numbness.

If these muscle spasms continue to persist without any treatment, pain will become chronic.

Treatment for Muscle Spasms from Pinched Nerves

Muscle spasms can be a nuisance, but they can also lead to serious pain when ignored.

If a muscle spasm is constant, you can try a range of self-care options to help your body become more relaxed. This includes:

  • Applying hot/cold patches to the muscle
  • Stretching
  • Increased movement and activity
  • Massage

These activities will increase the range of motion and help unblock the pinched nerves causing the muscle spasm.

Chiropractic care is also a beneficial alternative to medication. Chiropractors offer physical therapy and deep tissue massage to address the pain associated with muscles spasms.

Finding the Best Care Option for Muscle Spasms

The chiropractors at Kabel Chiropractic are trained in the latest treatments and technology to provide you with the best care. The goal is to help you live a pain-free and healthy life, which can be achieved through regular visits to the chiropractor.

Kabel Chiropractic provides a range of services, like Massage Therapy and Therapeutic Exercises, that will naturally relax your muscles and improve the health of your spine.

If you’re living with muscle spasm pain, or want to learn how to prevent it, schedule an appointment with Kabel Chiropractic today.

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