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Written by: William DeMoss, D. C.
Joseph DeMoss, D. C. Newport Beach, California

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Many people are forced to quit their jobs because of CTS related problems and sadly, a lot of business owners LOST their business because of this LIFE-CHANGING condition.

Here's one of the reasons why...

Most Doctors Do Not Have A Thorough Understanding Of Where The Total Cause Of The Problem Is! You may have already been to several doctors and tried many failed remedies. Most medical doctors spend their day treating infections, cuts, fractures, prescribing medications, and performing surgery.
They simply do not have the experience or knowledge in treating CTS related problems-it's just not a big part of their training, but know what? ...They still "treat" Carpal Tunnel syndrome by saying..."Wear this splint whenever your wrists hurt." Well, now you know they always hurt, so wear them all day and night and they can become a crutch. This alsolimits your normal hand movements and can lead to permanent internal wrist scar tissue with prolonged use, which is how things get worse! Any time you try to solve a problem without the help of an expert, you usually waste time and money. You can't afford to do this when your livelihood is at stake.

Carpal Tunnel is not due to a Motrin Deficiency!

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is a REPETITIVE STRESS INJURY (RSI)! It usually develops slowly over time. The repetitious contraction and relaxation of the arm muscles enable continuous hand and finger movement, which can irritate the nerves, tendons, and fascia (muscle covering) in the arms, wrists, and hands.

Why Do Some People Get Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, And Others Don't... Even though They Perform Identical Tasks?

The Carpal Tunnel is a small canal inside the wrist. The top part is formed by the alignment of the carpal (wrist) bones while the bottom part consists of the transverse ligament- a fibrous band that completes the tunnel. See figure below:


  • Numbness
  • Tingling
  • Weakness of hands
  • Neck tension
  • Night Pain
  • Swelling
  • Abnormal sensation
  • Hand Clumsiness

Combined within the carpal tunnel are three structures:

The Median Nerve

2. Nine (9) Flexor tendons that enable you to curl your wrist and fingers

3. Blood Vessels to the palm and fingers

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome results from compression of the Median Nerve within the carpal tunnel.

The Median Nerve originates in the neck and travels down the center of your forearm and through the carpal tunnel to the hand muscles.

What Does The Median Nerve Do?

The Median Nerve controls some of the sensory and motor (movement) function in the hand (Shaded areas in the hand diagram above).

How Does The Median Nerve Become Compressed?

The Median Nerve can become compressed anywhere along its course from the neck to the carpal tunnel. Misaligned bones in the neck, tight neck muscles, cervical (neck) ribs, shoulder dysfunctions, inflamed tendons, and misaligned carpal bones are capable of compressing or irritating the Median Nerve, resulting in the symptoms of CTS.

What Causes All These Things?

A small portion of the conditions listed above are congenital (with you at birth), the rest are the result of poor posture, repetitive movements over time done improperly (RSI)*, poor ergonomics, falls experienced throughout life, sleeping on your stomach or hands, awkward hand positions playing sports or hobbies such as bowling, racquetball, or motorcycle riding. Pregnancy, birth control pills, high salt diets, and systemic diseases like diabetes, which cause the body to retain water, can also contribute to compression of the Median Nerve in the carpal tunnel.

Most Doctors Assume That It's All In Your Wrist Or Hand! But Did You Know That Most Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Victims Have A Primary Median Nerve "Crush" Site In Their NECK!

The Median Nerve does not come from the sky into your hand. It does not travel up you leg to your hand

It comes straight out between the bones of your neck.

If your doctor does not look at the neck, he/she is missing the boat and should not be treating you!

It is not your doctor's fault. Doctors are trained to diagnose and treat symptoms, and with this approach, it is easy to miss the neck when treating the pain instead of the cause!

Sometimes Nerve Compression Is So Advanced That Drugs And Surgery Are the Only Courses Left To Take. But If You Wait Too Long, Even You May Need Surgery!

"If You Would Like The Most Thorough Carpal Tunnel Exam That You've Ever Had, Then Read On"... If you need a second opinion, this is a great first opportunity for you to receive an expert opinion on what you should do - an opinion from an experienced doctor who has been successfully treating CTS patients without relying on neither drugs or surgery (an added plus!)

"Suppose My Insurance Doesn't Cover Your Care?."

We make treatment affordable. We offer several attractive payment plans that allow every patient to pay a small amount each month, with no interest. But listen, this isn't the purpose of the exam... once I find out what's going on with you, no pressure!

If your insurance only covers a portion, we'll make it easy for you to handle the balance it's never a problem, believe it or not, we have patients in their early 20's who can easily afford our care... even the ones with part-time jobs.

"I don't have time to get treated- I'm too busy!"

We know you're busy, everyone's busy. If you aren't willing to take the time to resolve your condition, then it's best that you not waste our time or yours. Seriously, it's never an issue of time, it's an issue of priority. Treatment sessions last only 10-15 minutes, and you will seldom have to wait.

"How Long Will It Take To Get Well?"

It depends. Some patients have mild problems and can be fixed in 1-4 weeks; others take longer. After the thorough evaluation we will let you know how severe your problem is and decide if you want care or not. It's totally up to you. No Pressure!

"What Does My Neck Have To Do With May Hand And Wrist Symptoms?"

To review, structural misalignments in the neck caused by years of poor posture or prior trauma can compress the nerves that travel to the hand, making the person more susceptible to hand symptoms such as pain, numbness, tingling and weakness of grip.